A need for these projects was recognized in certain areas of Bangalore that are not well developed. Testimonials were obtained from the people living there, on the difficulties and challenges that they face on a daily basis. Since resources were available, this initiative began in the year 2008.
No, the population for all our projects comprises the lower strata. The ones who are least privileged and below poverty line. Their annual income is about 60,000 INR.
Each project is making an impact in its own way.

Ants2Giants is changing the mindset of kids, spreading awareness and getting them to recognize their abilities, in turn guiding them towards a brighter future.

Ramadan & Eid kits are helping to satisfy the hunger of hundreds of people who find it hard to fend for themselves and their families during the blessed month of ramadan.

Project Woollies is providing warmth to those in need, during cold winter nights.

Alhamdulillah Bread Basket(ABB) bread are distributed in order to satisfy hunger and provide good nutrition.

Gift A Home shelter to many civilians who were deprived of it.

The Gift A Home project has completed construction of 32 houses. 20 in collaboration with other foundation and 12 by our own initiative.
The rate of students passing high school has significantly increased over the years. Dropout rates have decreased as well. More number of distinctions are seen each year.
Ramadan & Eid kits are packed and distributed during the respective seasons.
ABB(Alhamdulillah Bread Basket) takes place on the first Sunday of every month in the EWS Quarters.
Mentoring sessions are carried out on the weekends at DJ Halli, Sevanagr and YGP.
Tuition centres run from Monday to Saturday at the same venues as that of the mentoring sessions.
Project Woollies every winter, warm blankets are distributed.
Gift A Home construction of homes takes place throughout the year.
For further details, refer to the volunteer page.
Opening of a new tuition centre.
Surveys are conducted towards the end of each year in order to recognise the most deserving population. During the Ramadan and Eid kit projects we find more and more deserving families. We expand our reach to other slums as well when the need be.
The project is thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts, its shortcomings are recognised. And we come up with better plans to execute them.
Common people from Bangalore, bulk donations, Zakath(an annual Islamic charity), charity. It is a 100% non profit organisation.
We begin our media marketing about 3 months prior in the case of annual projects like Project Woollies, Ramadan and Eid kits. The projects which run through the year like Mentoring Sessions, Tuition Centres, Alhamdulillah Bread Basket(ABB), will always be up on the website.
Our projects will be publicised on our website, social media pages. If you have registered, you will also be notified via email.
The faculty at the tuition centers are graduates in respective fields in accordance with the subjects being taught. In order to be a mentor on the weekends, we encourage people from all backgrounds provided they have the skills necessary to be a mentor. Currently, we have students, housewives, doctors, engineers, and other dedicated volunteers as mentors at our centres.
There are two tuition centers at present, DJ Hali and Devanagari. Both run 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. The mentoring sessions are held at the same centers on Saturday and Sunday.
A minimum of 4 mentors volunteer for every mentoring session.
Sevanagar, grades 5th-8th, age group 9-12.

YGP, grades 8th-9th, age group 12-15.

DJ Halli, grades 9th-10th, age group 15-17.

Refer to volunteer page or click on the link below:
Yes you can. Refer to the volunteer page or click on the link below:
You can contribute by spreading the word, donations, support, and volunteer on field when in Bangalore.
A team of 15-20 volunteers go on field, house to house, and interact with families. Survey forma are scrutinised by a team. Based on a set criterion we recognise the families that deserve support.
Supplies are bought either from wholesale vendors or directly from the mill. Packing of the kits is done in a clean, hygienic environment.
As of now, ABB covers the EWS Quarters. Breads are distributed to about 160 families there.
ABB is organised on the first Sunday of every month, from 8:30am-10:00am at the EWS Quarters.
As of now, ABB covers the EWS Quarters. Breads are distributed to about 160 families there.
Yes, Project Woollies is organised every winter.
We purchase blankets and woollens from a wholesale vendor. We also encourage good condition, used blankets and woollens.
Yes, we do plan on expanding our projects to other cities.


Our events include:

Recharge Your Battery (RYB)

TUF Annual Convention

TUF Quiz

Character Building Workshop

No, the events are organised by our team.
The centres for our events are picked in accordance with the vent being organised and the targeted population.
Depends on the elaboration of our event.
There are 3 major events that are held annually: TUF Convention, TUF Quiz, and Recharge Your Battery.

Character Building Workshops are held quarterly, this event is exclusively for the volunteers, as the perks of being a volunteer at TUF. Talks are organised by renowned professionals and life coaches.

Please refer to the calendar of events.
We have sponsors which fund these events.
We do not charge an entry fee at present. It is taken care of by our sponsors.
TUF Quiz is our upcoming event.
We do not organise fundraising events. We focus on media marketing for the same.
The main purpose of our events is to motivate our volunteers and come up with better ideas in order to fulfil our vision and mission.
You can stay up to date by viewing our website and also our social media pages.
Yes. The annual convention is organised to felicitate the volunteers.
Yes, in all of our events there is a presentation directed towards the insight of our projects.
Yes, Recharge Your Battery(RYB) is the event where we present our annual report.
Yes, feedback forms will be given at the events. Interaction of the audience with the volunteers is also encouraged.
Yes, our events do help us improve our work and reach.
If your kid is registered as a volunteer with TUF, then he/she can participate in our events.

Is there an age limit to eating food?

‎ Anybody who is capable of eating can join us! 🙂

Once you register we get totally excited abs
YOU. Provided that you will be sincere and dedicated to the cause.
Ambitious already? Join TUF first and then we’ll discuss.
Nahi. No. Illa. *insert no in 34 other languages *.
We are totally approachable. Mail us, whatsapp us or call anyone from the leadership team.
Answer: Mail us, whatsapp us or call anyone from the leadership team.

Why? We’ll miss you.

We do understand that sometimes life gets extremely busy and you may have to prioritize. We do not force any volunteer to sign any contract to stay for a specific period. You can leave if you absolutely have to..

We first do orientation and for some specific works we give some tasks if passed then the volunteer can go ahead.
Answer: you can email to respective center head.
NO, TUF is 100% nonprofit organization and people work here as volunteers.
 You just need to fill a few forms. You don’t have to pay anything. If anybody asks you for money please let us know.