Sweaty heads, tired feet, a smile on the lips and a content heart.

From background work, to on field trips, the feelings we experienced were absolute bliss.

The days spent packing and distributing the food provision kits to our brothers and sisters in absolute need, to make their Ramadan a comfortable one was truly a lifetime experience, Alhamdulillah.

It was like the bubble we were in was popped and there we were, witnessing the life they spent. A life devoid of all luxuries, we enjoy on a daily basis.

Despite being in so much pain they still had the warmest smiles.

Travelling from localities so far, every volunteer grabbed the opportunity Allah sent their way, to multiply their rewards this Ramadan and earn His pleasure.

For every time we walked to their houses and handed out the food provision kits, the smiles on their faces made everything worthwhile, the duas they made for us caused our hearts to smile.

While being in a state of fasting, despite the inconveniences faced, despite all the tiredness, not a single volunteer said a word of complain. Everyone worked tirelessly to the best of their ability.

Though we all were tired, though the summer heat caused us discomfort, it was all worth it, because the contentment we felt at the end of the day was just indescribable.

Undoubtedly, the feelings we all experienced just cannot be described perfectly.
We have always seen warriors with their creased uniforms, a healthy body and an aura that inspires all of us. Didn’t we? But, here at The United Foundation we got the opportunity to see the warriors that are battling silently everyday for their basic needs, to hear the stories of their struggle that they went through every single day so that they fall asleep without thinking of starving for tomorrow, to witness them speak out their hearts that were filled with pain along with a contagious smile.

Let us tell you a story of hope and courage of an old couple that is JUST one of the many.The couple had a boy child after many years and he became their reason to live. Little did they know that he was just a season of spring in their lives, that had to leave them before they realised. The couple lost their only 9 year old son due to an open sewage. It is just out of our limit to feel what would they have gone through. The mother and the father were in tears and told us how weak they felt after loosing their only son due to someone’s irresponsibility and somewhere blamed themselves too. But, it was surprising how they cleared their voices and wiped their tears and told us that they believe there is the Almighty that is seeing their struggle and that they trust HIM completely because HE is the one who is the giver and HE knows the best.

Thus, the whole Ramadan and Eid kit drive was not only of distribution of kits but an experience of giving without expecting anything in return except of blessings from those warriors.Everything was a success because of Allah’s mercy. He opened ways for us, made the task easy and helped us do the best we could.

We pray that for all those of us who tirelessly worked despite the summer heat, Allah grants us ease and comfort on the day of judgement.

May Allah continue to send such amazing opportunities our way and use us in doing work that pleases Him.

By -Afshien Ahmed and Noorain Sadiya

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United Eid Kits

Eid, is the most anticipated day in a Muslim’s life.

A day when everyone rejoices and celebrates! While the privileged spend extravagantly, celebrate blissfully and spend the day in contentment, it is a whole different story for our underprivileged brethren. They struggle for clothes, food and shelter even on this joyous occasion.

Our volunteers acknowledged this struggle and extended towards them, a helping hand. They decided to make sure that these families were well fed and happy on this special day. With a mission so pure in mind, they were able to collect enough funds to make more than 1000 Eid Kits with all the necessary and special food items in just merely 3 days!

A day before Eid, these kits were distributed to more than 1000 below poverty line families in few of the poorest slums of Bangalore – DJ Halli Slum, EWS Quaters Slum, Nagawara and to the remote places around Cuddalore, a village in Tamil Nadu. Truly, the joy of being the reason behind someone’s smile surpasses every other pleasure.

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