The United Foundation [TUF] is a not for profit trust that was established in 2008 as an initiative and later registered as an NGO. The objective of TUF is to serve the destitute and lesser privileged lot of our society.  TUF started as a small team with enthusiastic volunteers. Today, TUF has grown to hundreds of passionate volunteers from all occupations serving wide communities.

The common goal of Team TUF is to be some use to mankind especially those identified as the deserving masses. While most of the noble people in this world believe in doing good when they are blessed with enough for their own sustenance, the underlying intention of the TUF team is a bit distinctive. The differentiator being that whatever support and help is given to the destitute; it is done with dignified generosity in the hearts and a passion of gratitude to our Creator. A statement that goes Give from what HE has given”  highlights the spirit of giving.

While serving, the entire team retells each other that the people in need are a reason for us to exercise the action of giving and the emotion of gratitude. TUF thanks the beneficent, for receiving our help. This way, the team’s goal of guaranteeing protection from tragedy and misfortune is met.

Our Vision

To develop a team of simple enthusiasts seeking a better society through education, entrepreneurship, women empowerment and social justice.

Our Mission

  • To set up tuition centers and mentoring programs across the slums and selected schools.
  • To provide food, shelter and medical aid for those who cannot fend for themselves.
  • To provide skill development and small business enterprise support to the needy section of the society.


  • I am a winner – I will lead and follow
  • I will serve my parents to the best of my abilities
  • I will practice excellence in everything I do
  • I will honor my word at all times
  • I will uphold truth, sincerity and integrity
  • I will practice the attitude of gratitude
  • I will forgive others for their mistakes
  • I will not complain about people or conditions
  • I will live a life of humility and simplicity
  • I will encourage good and discourage evil
  • I will work to make a difference to others
  • Oh Lord guide me to the straight path


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Open your palms, extend your arms. Let’s embrace the art of giving.

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